Pizza Ovens Ireland
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Click here for Page 1 of Pizza Ovens Ireland  which contains the first twenty-one images of How to Build a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven.  A word of caution: Don't use inferior bricks,  as this brick surface will be where you cook your delicious pizzas and you will want it to remain serviceable for many years. Only firebricks and an oven made from quality fireclay will suffice for the over 400C temps you will achieve.

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Adding in some decorative features. You'll be glad you paid attention to detail when your friends gather around and lavish praise on your handiwork! Perhaps I am a bit over cautious, but anywhere the heat could escape, I used Ceramic Fibre Blanket strips and vermiculite.
Insulation,Insulation, Insulation!
Then the rain came down.  Fortunately I had coverings ready just in case....


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Some more stonework done and the tiles for the landing-area are in place.  Time to do a dry-run with some bricks to see if the chimney would work. Just playing around. Leave the edges of the door opening like this.  I cut back the vermiculite covering so that the brick entrance would fit. Finally, a decent view of landing area. These fired brick tiles are easily available from suppliers in Ireland


Regular domestic flue pipe sitting on some angle iron cut to size. The iron sits on three bricks set either side. Coming together now and at a stage where everything you do will have a visual impact.
Some inferior Wood Fired Pizza Ovens have the chimney coming directly from the dome.  Bad idea!  All your heat escapes up the chimney! It's worth the effort to build a small entrance-way to accomodate the Chimney.


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A dry run to see how the chimney fits to oven. Extra brick at back of small side wall.  Iron fits back into the vermiculite - it cuts easily. Ready to be put together.


Burning paper and twigs to check the  'draw' on chimney. Phew!  It works! What a satisfying moment!


The bricks had been salvaged from the floor after I had set too many; hence the cement stuck to them.  Great to see the fire but must be patient not to overheat.
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