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There's something about the light in Ireland that draws artists from around the world.  Perhaps it is her geographical position that makes the light different here, but for certain, there is more magic, mystery, and madness in an Irish sky than anywhere else in the world.  Be it sunsets, mist covered mountains, or clear blue skies, in Ireland they are more vivid, and more saturated with colour and light than anywhere else.

  Painting in Ireland "Perhaps it is a combination of the light and the ancient spiritual culture that makes painting in Ireland so special. Or maybe it is the loneliness of an island race cast out in the Atlantic, cut off from the rest of Europe. Nowhere will you find a people with lonelier tales of loss and emigration.  You can almost hear the ancient piper's haunting music as you stand there with your easel and paints trying to capture the elusive magic of that scurrying mist draping over the mountainside." (Mullally 1932)

Painting Holidays Ireland

Irish Painting Holidays

"In Ireland too, you will find that the people have a fierce pride and a fierce strength of character, a strength that is drawn from the landscape and the seascapes, a strength that will mesmerise you if you ever capture it on canvas. Here, too, the people know how to play; whether at sport or at merry-making, the indomitable spirit of the Irish will fascinate you and inspire you to paint bolder, more colourful paintings than you have ever done before.  Provided that is...that you can get over the loneliness of the mist on an Irish mountain." (Hogan 1976)


Paul Henry Painting


For who can deny that the artist is unknowingly influenced by the previous days events, and by the people he/she has met and spent time with the previous day? So, chose your companions carefully in Ireland.  You will love them all, but your paintings will reflect the character of the Irish whether you like it or not.

 There are dozens of Painting Schools around Ireland and  this page will surely lead you to the best painting schools in Ireland and the best sources for Artists Supplies in Ireland

Whether your medium is oils, acrylics, watercolours or pastels, you will find in Ireland the inspiration to be the best you have ever been! 

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  Painting Ireland Cliffs of moher Painting School  

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Irish Artists' Supplies are readily available throughout Ireland, so if you are coming from abroad and don't want to carry your entire studio with you, you can be sure of getting everything you need  right here in Ireland.  There are also many online suppliers of Art Supplies in Ireland and are worth considering if you wanted to have supplies delivered to your hotel.  Of course, anyone offering Irish Painting Holidays will be able to either supply you with whatever you need or direct you to the nearest supplier.  Perhaps this is something you should tend to before getting to your destination, because you wouldn't want to end up finger painting because you forgot your brushes!!   

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