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There has been a wonderful resurgence in the use of Irish names for babies in recent years and the fact that you are looking at this page might mean that you are considering an Irish name for your New Baby.  Congratulations!!  

There is no better way of maintaining and reinforcing a link with your Irish heritage than to give your baby the gift of an Irish name.  Below is a list of Irish Baby names and their meanings.

Boys' Names Meaning   Girls' Names Meaning
Aidan  Fiery Spirit   Ailís / Aileesh / Alice  Noble
Ailbe / Alby  Noble   Áine  (Awnya)  Splendour
Alan  Rock   Alana  Nice Looking
Aonghus / Aenghus  Strength   Annie  Splendour
Barry  Fairhaired   Aoife  Beautiful
Brendan  Prince   Ashling  A dream
Brian  Strong   Blaithín  A Blossom
Carey     Bridget / Brigid  Strong Person
Casey  Watchful   Cait  See Caitlín
Cathal  Battle Ruler   Caitlin  Pure
Cathan  Warrior   Carey  Dark
Cian  Ancient   Casey  Brave
Ciaran  Handsome One   Cathleen  Pure
Conan  Wolf   Ciara  Dark Haired
Conlan  Hero   Clodagh  
Conn / Conor  Of the Hound   Colleen  From Cailín...Irish for 'A Girl'
Conran     Christiona  Christ-like
Cormack  Chariot Driver   Dervla  True Love
Daley  Organised   Dymphna  Poetic
Dara / Daragh  Oak   Eileen  Light
Darby  Free Spirit   Eilis Believer 
Declan     Emer  
Dermot  Free man   Enya  
Derry  Like an Oak   Erin  Of Ireland
Desmond  From South Munster   Fiona  Fair Haired
Devlin  Courageous   Grania  Love
Eamonn  Guard   Kathleen  Pure
Enda     Kelly  Warrior
Eoghan  Youth   Kerry  Dark Haired
Erin  Ireland   Leah  
Fergal  Manly   Maeve  Joy
Fiachra  Patron Saint of Gardens   Maire  Mary
Finbar  White Haired One   Mairead  Pearl
Fionn  White Haired   Mairin / Maureen  Bitter
Jarlath     Neala  Champion
Kevin  Beloved   Nuala  Fair Shouldered
Kieran  Handsome One   Oona / Una  United
Killian  Fierce   Orla  Gloden Lady
Liam  Protector   Orna  Golden
Mannix  Monk   Patricia  Noble Woman
Neal /Neil /Neill /Niall Champion   Riona  Queen-Like
Padraig / Patrick  Noble   Roisin  Little Rose
Roarke  Victorious   Rosaleen  Like a Rose
Rory  Red Haired   Rowan  Red Haired
Rourke  Victorious   Shannon  Wise
Ryan  King-like   Shay  
Seamus  Coloniser   Sile / Sheela  All Seeing
Sean     Sinead  God Fearing
Shannon  Ancient   Siobhan  Praise
Shay  Admirable   Tara  Famous Irish PLace
Tomás  Twin   Treasa  Strong
Tyrone  Irish County   Una  United
We wish you the very best of Irish luck when selecting your Irish Baby Names and we hope your visit the our site has been worthwhile.
Irish Baby Names
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