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TOP TIPS before you buy....                
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Irish Furniture

Tips when buying Furniture in Ireland. Whether you are buying beds, sofas, tables and chairs, dining room suites, etc the following advise is freely offered. 

Here are ten tips to consider before buying furniture in Ireland. Perhaps the tips are relevant wherever you live but as our Furniture buying experience is uniquely Irish, we are aiming the tips in that direction.

No 1. Measure, measure, measure. When you have measured, measure again. Are you getting the message here? Measure the room and measure the furniture. When you view furniture in one of the cavernous warehouses or storerooms from which we buy furniture nowadays, it looks much smaller than it really is. Two couches facing each other with a state of the art designed coffee table between looks like domestic bliss in the showroom but can your sitting room really accommodate two couches? Measure the room you are furnishing and bring a tape-measure with you when you are shopping. Will there be space left for walking around, for access, for side tables? What will your visitors see as they walk into your room? Will it be comfortable in your room if people have to sit too close to each other? Similarly a Queen size or King size bed looks luxurious in the Irish Furniture showroom but can be overwhelming and impractical in all but the largest bedrooms.

Beds Ireland

No.2 Make a decision before you leave home that the only decision you are going to make on the first day of viewing is that you are going to buy NOTHING! The first day is for viewing, getting ideas, and for changing your mind.

No.3 As well as the above mentioned tape measure, bring a notebook and a camera. Modern cameras are so compact that this should not be a problem. Most, maybe all, furniture retailers will be delighted if you want to take photos of their furniture. When you get home you can view these pictures in the context of where the furniture is going in your house.

No. 4 Remember that you will be living many years with the choices you make regarding furniture. It is worth taking your time, and bringing home those measurements and photos.
Furniture Ireland
No. 5 Check out the furniture store online before you go shopping. A furniture store in Cork that offers 'free delivery' on it’s website  has been known to offer ‘free delivery’ in-store as a discount to customers who need an extra push in make their decision. It's already on offer so it's not a discount. Don’t be conned. A little research before you shop can save lots of money. (That same furniture store ‘accidentally’ kept their ‘summer sale now on’ display on their website even after the sale was over. Unsuspecting buyers found that when they visited the store the promised ‘ten per cent off’ no longer applied.)

No. 6 When you do see something you want, BEFORE you close the deal and BEFORE you hand over the money, ask for a definite delivery date. (Sometimes, this will not be possible if the furniture is being made). However, if you are buying from the floor you are entitled to know how the store will compensate you if you stay at home all day waiting for a delivery and they ‘put it on the wrong truck’. That’s the oldest excuse in the book. So, be firm. Demand a definite delivery date and ask if they will be responsible for any costs incurred by you if they fail to meet that date. Irish Furniture

Sofas Ireland

No. 7 Colour: Colour is one of the reasons why you should not buy furniture on your first visit to the showrooms. All furniture looks wonderful in a showroom but the carpets and curtains and walls and other furniture in your room might well clash strongly with the item you have set your heart on. This is when you will be glad you brought your camera on your visit to the furniture store. Have you decided on your colour scheme? Will you buy carpets and curtains first and furniture later or the other way around? Remember that for a home to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing it  should ideally have an overall theme or feel to it. Try not to have too much variation between the rooms in the matter of colour or design. 

No. 8 Ask the furniture salesperson for advice, but do not let them persuade you if you are not 100% happy. They might be honest and knowledgeable, but they get paid to sell. If you make the wrong choice it’s no good saying afterwards that it was the salesman’s fault. It’s your fault if you allow them to cajole you into buying something you do not really want. The salesperson will never have been in your home and will have no idea what furniture fits best in your home. They might know something about the construction of the piece and the warranty that goes with it and the delivery dates etc., but you must do the choosing. Any suggestions of ‘bargains’ and ‘wise choice’, and most popular, etc., should be taken with a pinch of salt. 'Special offers' are often an attempt to shift slow moving items.

Dining Room Table Ireland

No. 9 Make a list of your requirements before you leave home. For instance if you want a dining room table with a surface  that does not need table mats or coasters, make a note of that fact and only look at such tables. If you absolutely want modern furniture, then look at modern furniture. Do you need an extending dining table or static? Four chairs or six? Cushioned or wooden seats? All furniture is nice in a saleroom but you need to know what you are looking for or you will waste time and might even buy something you don't want!

No.10 Remember that by walking out of the store after the first visit, the salesman will be more accommodating on your next visit. Get to know a salesman on the first visit and ask for him/her the next time you are there. Don’t be afraid to say that you have seen something else in another furniture store and you are back to have another look and to see what he will offer.

Extra tips! Ask for discount. Ask for cushions, Ask for arm-guards. Ask about warranty. Ask about delivery. Ask about construction timbers. Ask about maintenance. Ask for names of manufacturers so you can look them up when you get home. Remember the names of the pieces you like (remember the notebook) and do an Internet search when you get home for same items at other stores. Sometimes there are huge differences in prices.
And when you do finally get your piece of furniture home, remember to enjoy it. Furniture Ireland
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