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Cheap Car Insurance Ireland                                                       

In Ireland, car insurance is a lucrative business and this is great news for drivers.  The more insurance companies in the market, the higher the competition, and the cheaper the rates.

We hear many horror stories about the cost of insurance: premiums are going up, young drivers are being priced out of the market, insurance for women is increasing in cost, etc.  However, for the well-informed driver a little understanding of the way in which car insurance companies calculate their premiums, and of some of the tactics they use to increase the cost of their policies, can yield some very big savings.

Firstly, cheap car insurance in Ireland is easy to find, but first, you must rid yourself of any complacency when renewing your insurance. Some companies rely on the fact that customers will accept any renewals without question.  This means that when a policy comes to the end of its term, the companies send out a renewal that they price at a higher rate than is necessary.  If you are aware of this fact then you can contact your insurers and negotiate a better deal, or shop elsewhere.  Never accept a renewal policy without first brokering a deal, by doing so you could receive as much as 35% off the original price – which is well worth any effort needed to find the deal.

In Ireland, the majority of car insurance companies offer a pay-monthly option.  However, they also tend to sell these with a hefty annual percentage rate.  Some companies charge an APR of 20%, so for instance, if your policy costs €400 a year, by opting for a monthly repayment plan you will be paying €480 over the course of the year.  It is much better to pay any premium in full.  Having said that, monthly repayment plans make good financial sense in some circumstances, as the financial burden will seem relatively small when paid across the course of several months; if saving is difficult, monthly repayment makes perfect sense.

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