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Boat Trailers Ireland                                         (Buy or Sell: Scams to watch out for)

Fishing Boats Ireland Boat Trailers:   There are three elements to a good boating package:  a boat, an engine; and a trailer.  Any one of the three can break your heart, but it is most often the trailer than will shatter your dream.                                                         (Fishing Boats Ireland)
Boat Roller Trailer A roller trailer like this is the best money can buy.  You don't have to go this far but you should aim for the best you can afford. The multi rollers at rear of this trailer make launch and recovery  very easy and possibly carried out by one person.  A trailer this size would carry a heavy boat and would probably be equipped with brakes. 

It is worth considering, when buying a boating package, to spend a bit extra after you have made the initial purchase.  Sell the trailer that comes with the boat and buy a brand new trailer for your new fishing boat.  There is a big difference in travelling to and from the distant launch point at fifty or sixty miles per hour rather than travelling along at twenty MPH with the window open listening to the cracking of dud bearings, and the thump of the boat on dud suspensions, supports, and rollers.

 However, do not despair if the trailer you have bought is the best you can afford and it needs some work.  There are a few specialist suppliers of parts for boat trailers in Ireland that will provide you will all the parts necessary to upgrade your fishing boat trailer. These trailers seem mysterious because we are not used to them but they are actually quite simple affairs...  an axle with suspensions and wheels and a long shaft  on which the boat sits and which is attached to the towing vehicle.  everything else is easy to fit and remove.  Rollers, jockey wheel, winch, mudguards etc.  Don't be afraid to get stuck in and do it up.
This is a bunk trailer, so called because of the use of bunks rather than rollers.  These are extremely popular and are not as expensive as roller trailers.  With the bunk trailer you have to immerse the trailer in the water and slide the boat on over the bunks.  Tie on the front of the boat and drive up the slipway to complete the tying down.. Easy!

Boat Trailers Ireland
Bunk Trailer Boat Trailer Ireland

Taking boat off the trailer:
You don't need water to remove the boat from the trailer or get it back on again.  On the lawn, simply push the boat off the trailer as far as it will go.  Tie the stern of the boat to a stout tree or stake, and then slowly drive away with the trailer. When replacing the boat after you have done up your trailer, you just raise the front of the boat and rest the keel on a wooden block to facilitate getting the trailer under the boat. Back in the trailer and remove the trailer from the car.  You are actually going to move the trailer under the boat rather than dragging the boat onto the trailer. It is wise to ask a friend to help with the lifting and pulling and to keep an eye on the parts of the boat you can't see at any particular time.. especially as you drive the trailer away from under the secured boat.
Now that the craft is off the Boat Trailer and supported with wooden blocks or tyres, (never concrete) you can get into action with the trailer.  Bearings are a must to change and some experts suggest changing the bearings as a matter of routine maintenance every year.  If you are not familiar with this, ask a mechanic friend.  It is a simple matter to remove covers and take out the split-pin, undo the large nut and slip out the bearings. There are usually two wheel bearings with each wheel.  inner and outer.  Once they are out, clean them up, and off to Cork or Limerick or Dublin to get replacements.  Use the internet to find a supplier. When replacing, be sure to use marine grease.  This is VIP.  Any marine suppliers will have marine grease. Don't over tighten the retaining nut.  Simply tighten until you feel resistance and then turn back so that the wheel can spin easily.  Replace the split pin in the hole provided and put the grease cover back on.  This subject is covered at length on some US websites.

Check all the rollers on your boat trailer and replace any that are flattened or not turning.  The more rollers you have the better.  They will carry the boat more securely on the road and allow for easier launching and recovery when on the slipway.  The multi-roller trailers are wonderful and once used you will never use anything else.
Check the winch and double check the winch strap.  This is to ensure the safety of the operator as well as the safety of the boat.  The winch strap takes considerable strain when recovering the boat and if it has flaws it might snap and cause injury.
Now tackle the painting.  Remove any flaking paint and rust with a scraper and a sandpaper wheel attached to your drill.  Prime immediately and use a good quality galvanised paint when the primer is dry.  It's a good idea to incorporate a few distinguishing marks on a trailer so that it can be identified afterwards.  Trailers do get stolen so always lock your trailer when you are not around.  This applies particularly when you are at sea.  Lock the trailer wheels and lock the trailer to the car/jeep.
Use several coats of paint and it is no harm to pour a diluted paint thinners mixture into the hollow shafts of your trailer.  Others use oil.  If the long shaft/drawbar is open at the end, wait until it is dry and having sealed one end pour in a litre of oil and plug the end with a prepared wooden plug.  This oil sloshing around in your boat trailer will be of immense benefit is the fight against saltwater induced rust.

Trailer maintenance
The road to and from the fishing boat dream is paved with good intentions and rusty trailers.  Always, always, hose down the trailer after you get back from a trip to the ocean. Wipe the salt water off the engine as well and wash your boat.   This will do more than just remove the salt from the outfit - which is essential - it will also keep you familiar with every square inch of your boat and trailer.
Get a good grease gun,  and when the bearings have cooled down, pump in some marine grease to expel the water that will have found its way in there.  Some recommend this procedure when at the slipway.
 Boat Trailers Ireland Slipway Etiquette
Slipway etiquette. There is nothing more annoying than finding someone hogging the slipway for ages while you are waiting to launch or recover your boat. Everyone should be aware of safety and etiquette when at the slipway. Launching: Always undo the ropes and straps - except the winch strap - before you approach the slipway.  Have all the equipment ready on board the boat.  Reverse down slipway as far as you can.  Get Car/Jeep wheels just in the water. Open winch strap from boat but be sure to hold onto bow rope. A good idea to have someone else hold bow rope while you push boat off trailer.  Once boat is off, you calmly drive up slipway and park car and trailer in safe place.  Lock trailer with chains and substantial locks.  Trust your companion to move the boat away from the slipway if others are waiting, or they simply stand and wait holding the boat if no-one is waiting.  Everyone is, of course, wearing lifejackets.  No cussing, no shouting.  Relax and think it through before you do it.  It's easy and safe if you prepare and take your time.
Do the same in reverse when recovering.  Slow boat right down as you approach slipway.  Reverse gear just before you touch and use a boat hook to keep boat from touching ground if you wish.   Then kill the boat engine and get a companion to stand out on slipway and hold boat, while you go and get your vehicle and trailer.  With boat kept out of way, back trailer into water.  Hold bow rope securely, push boat out so that bow is beyond trailer, and pull onto trailer by hand.  Then secure the winch strap and wind up.  Have someone keep the boat straight while you are winding.  In windy conditions, use stern rope and have someone hold back of boat so that boat is in line with trailer.
Be prepared for the idiots.  These are the ones who have not prepared, who are loud and annoying, and who park on slipway for ages while others are waiting. Fortunately they are in minority but they are out there.

Watch out for spinning winch handles.  After you let off the ratchet, always hold the handle securely.
I always offer my help while I am waiting to launch or recover and someone else is using slipway.  Many prefer to do it themselves so don't be pushy.  Never be afraid to ask for help yourself when on slipway.   Everyone is always willing to help.

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