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Irish Cottage for Sale                                            Let's move to Ireland!

The Dream of an Irish Cottage
It's always been a dream of those of us who live in cities, no matter where in the world, to buy an Irish Cottage and retire there.  For the past ten years, Irish cottage prices spiralled out of control along with house prices in general, but now following the crash in prices it is very possible to spot a bargain  on the Irish property market.

irish cottage

How to buy or rent a cottage in Ireland
Irish Real Estate agents advertise extensively online, in magazines, and in newspapers.  Many newspapers carry a special property supplement each week and these are well worth having a look at.  In Ireland you will find that Real Estate Agents are called auctioneers or valuers as well as Estate Agents. A walk through any large sized Irish town is instructive given the number of estate agents who advertise their houses and cottage in the windows.  Of course, they don't always carry a price so you have to call in or call on the phone to find out the price.  Its very much a buyers market at the moment (2012) and there is debate as to whether the market has bottomed out or has further to fall.

When the famous, but badly named, Celtic Tiger was at its peak, and banks were engaged in all sorts of crazy practices like giving 120 per cent loans on houses, thousands of cottages were bought up and converted into modern bungalows.  This has been a great loss to the country, as the Irish Cottage is as much a part of Ireland as Shamrock, the Harp, and the green fields.  

Questions to ask before buying your Irish Cottage
When you do find a cottage that interests you, don't buy it because it has a red door and a rose growing over the old shed.   No matter how 'postcard pretty' it looks, a cottage can consume an awful lot of money in restoration.  Is there damp?  Is there woodworm or rot?  How does the septic/sewage system work?  Is the house insulated? Is there a satisfactory water supply?  Do you have broadband connection? Will you need new windows?  Check with the relevant County Council listings to see if the cottage is a listed building. How large is the garden?  Are there any boundary disputes on your dream Irish Cottage?  If it is thatched, is thatch really what you want?  Are you aware of the cost and frequency of thatching?  Is there a planning application for a factory or scheme of houses in the green field next door?

Rent an Irish Cottage
It's a good idea, if it suits your itinerary and budget, to rent an Irish Holiday Cottage for a couple of weeks before deciding if this is the life for you.  We have all grown accustomed to the comforts of modern living and a week or two in a cottage might open your eyes to the practicalities of owning an Irish cottage.  Cottages range from those that make you feel you are on a camping trip to those that are so well appointed that you can't wait to buy your own. But if you do buy, will you live in it all year round?  Will you be able to get insurance for your cottage when you are back in the city?  No problem if you are full time resident ....unless it is a thatched cottage.   Before you buy a thatched cottage, check to see if you can get insurance.  Not as easy or as cheap as you might wish.

 More information on Irish Cottages here         Information on Irish Insurance here

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