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In Terrible Discordance       by Ed O'Riordan                                              Sorry....No Longer Available!!

Ed's latest book "The Case of Fr. Nicholas Sheehy" is available here.

In Terrible Discordance is a provocative study of the Great Irish Famine; it investigates, through newspapers of the Famine period, the extent to which many of the nobility, gentry, and upper classes in general, along with many from the middle class, attempted to hold onto a way of life that was in stark contrast with the cataclysmic events that were going on around them.

This book, which concentrates on County Cork, is certainly representative of the country as a whole, and anyone who has ever read anything about the Great Irish Famine will welcome this book.  It makes no attempt to minimise the horror and suffering experienced during the Famine;  rather, it attempts to put that suffering into its proper context.
Over 1200 letters, articles and advertisements from Cork-based newspapers from the years 1846-1849 inclusive.

You will be astounded!!

In Terrible Discordance has sold out!

 (Paperback  -  400 pages)

Woman in Clonakilty begging for money to bury her dead child

Fashions for 1848 


  This book (see extracts below) brings a new dimension to our understanding of the Great Irish Famine
ISBN 978-0-9569861-0-8

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Antient Concerts
In spite of the rain and storm, the charms of Haydn’s glorious oratorio The Creation, crowded the ball-room of the Imperial – rather both rooms, for the supper room was equally full – to inconvenience, with one of the largest and most fashionable assemblages ever witnessed in Cork.  There could not have been less, in all, than 600. 
(C.E., 5 Jan. 1848)
Auction of Prime Mild Flavoured Hams
Mr. Marsh begs leave to announce that he has received instructions to sell by auction at his Great Rooms, South Mall, Cork,  on Thursday next, 25th March, at the hour of one o'clock, fifty five casks (Containing about 5 tons) of very prime (half sugar and half salt) Cured Hams averaging about 9 lbs each. The above are of Rich Mild Flavour and will be sold in lots to suit the purchasers.
N.B.  A dressed sample will be produced at the Auction.  Terms Cash.
(C.E., 24 Mar. 1847)

 Ed O'Riordan's latest book The Case of Fr. Nicholas Sheehy is available on www.galteemore.com

Fashion, Feasting, Banquets, Hunting, Racing, Education, Fine Wine, Fresh Imported Fruits, Champagne and Brandy, Prime Hams, Dress Balls, Theatre, Concerts, Picnics all seem unlikely subject matter for advertisements, letters and articles during the Great Irish Famine, but they are there in many hundreds.  The author - who has a first honours degree in History - has spent many years researching and compiling the material and is about to publish what is surely  a ground breaking study.
You can be part of that project!
To be published on 2 November 2011 (See below)

The sound of the huntsman’s horn and the yelping pack, mingle in terrible discordance with the groans of the dying parent, and the cries of children perishing for lack of food….”
(Cork Southern Reporter in Limerick Reporter, 19 Mar. 1847)

Enquiries to edoriordan@gmail.com









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